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Voice Access Download – Review

Voice Access is an application that makes it easier to use the smartphone for people who can not or do not want to touch the screen. You can use voice commands instead. In contrast to what can be done with a classic assistant, Voice Access allows you to simply use the app by touching the right places and performing gestures. However, you must remember that the application is available in the trial version and will not always behave properly. read more

HOUND Voice Search & Assistant Review – Download

HOUND Voice Search & Assistant is a new voice assistant for Android smartphones and tablets, developed by SoundHound.

The market of voice assistants for mobile devices has been divided between Google (with the Now service), Apple (with Siri) and Microsoft (with the operating system also on Cortana desktops). Hound has to carve out a bit of market space for a company outside the big three technologies. Application developers advertise it as providing better answers than Siri and at the same time more suited to user preferences than Google Now. read more

Amazon Alexa Review – Download

The Amazon Alexa application is used to control Amazon devices (Echo, Dot and Tap), on which the virtual assistant Alex works. The application is used to configure devices, give them commands, and also gives access to some advanced features.


The application connects to devices via WiFi. Immediately after launching, we will see an instruction that will be carried out by the first configuration of the Amazon device and the assistant. All interactions with Alexa are automatically presented in the application, where we will see additional information. In addition, you can easily manage your lists, alarms, music and other personal data. read more

CamCard Free – Business Card Review – Download

CamCard is another member of the popular application series for content scanning. As its name suggests, it focuses on capturing business card data.


At the first launch, the program will ask you to log in to your account or create a new one. It is possible to use the program bypassing this step. Having an account unlocks additional options, it also allows you to synchronize our data between devices. read more

A Color Story Review – download

A Color Story is an application that is used to edit photos. We will find in it both simple tools, as well as slightly more advanced filters and effects that will give your photos the desired character.

The application allows you to take a picture using the camera module or transfer a file from the device’s memory. In the first step, we will choose its size and format (eg 4: 3 or 16: 9), we can also rotate the photo, use the mirror effect, and then we can go to a bit more complex tasks. read more