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HOUND Voice Search & Assistant Review – Download

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HOUND Voice Search & Assistant is a new voice assistant for Android smartphones and tablets, developed by SoundHound.

The market of voice assistants for mobile devices has been divided between Google (with the Now service), Apple (with Siri) and Microsoft (with the operating system also on Cortana desktops). Hound has to carve out a bit of market space for a company outside the big three technologies. Application developers advertise it as providing better answers than Siri and at the same time more suited to user preferences than Google Now.

After testing the Hound app, we see a lot of potential in it, but only on condition that it covers all other countries than just the US and Canada. When we asked the question, where is the nearest mcdonald, Hound replied that this option is reserved only for the countries of North America, although the mcdonald can be found about 30 meters from the editorial office of the portal. As you can see, there is a lot of work ahead of the application developers.

However, it is worth waiting for its effects, because Hound has plenty of potential. The application copes well with both simple questions (eg about the weather), as well as with more detailed and contextual ones. We get answers with the help of the in-built text-to-speech engine and voice synthesizer, which sounds at least unnatural, if not artificially. The application accepts only commands in English, and on the plus side you have to admit that with speech recognition, even without an American accent, it generally does very well.

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