Google Goggles Download – Review

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Google Goggles Download – Review
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Google Googles is a free, small, but very interesting application because of the possibilities. It is used to scan objects and recognize them using the camera. The basic function is the ability to read QR codes, but the application also manages bar codes.


In addition to the aforementioned QR code scanning functions, as well as the recognition of objects using the camera built into the device, Googles is also able to recognize books and CDs on the cover, and after a full scan also works of art such as paintings. Additional options are the option to translate a photographed text if it is in a different language through the OCR technology.

The application also recognizes familiar landmarks, it also allows you to automatically add contacts after scanning a business card. Interestingly, Googles also allows you to … automatically solve Sudoku games. When scanning a variety of products, the search engine will suggest similar to us.

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