BEST Android Apps / Graphics and photography

Boomerang from Instagram Review – Download

Boomerang from Instagram is the next application from the authors of Instagram. Thanks to it, we can create short animations based on a series of photos.

As in previous applications, Boomerang from Instagram’s most important is simplicity in use and an intuitive interface. At the first launch, we will see a short guide, then we will automatically switch to taking photos. By default, the front camera is selected, although we can switch it to the back of the device. read more

Candy Camera Review – Download

Candy Camera is an application for taking photos, which allows you to put on interesting filters and effects, as well as improve the face, slim figure or remove skin imperfections. In addition, you can submit several photos in one picture, add a frame, sticker or texture. The application has great possibilities, and at the same time it is very easy to use. read more

Google Camera Review – Download

The distinguishing feature of the camera application, designed by Google, is the ability to add background blur to images, characteristic of more complex optical systems than those mounted in smartphones, spherical photo submission and huge, 50-megapixel panoramas. It is worth noting that on some devices, for example Moto G and Moto X, only lens lenses are available. read more

Retrica Free Review – Download

Retrica is an application that allows any photo enthusiast to take a photo in a retro style. Application developers describe it as an ideal program for making the so-called selfies, or pictures of yourself. Retrica assumes a much more familiar application – Instagram.


After taking a picture of your face or other objects, it is possible to apply one of over 80 different filters. These filters will change the picture that will look like it was taken several decades ago. The user can easily blur the photo or apply a sepia effect. For an amateur photographer to be able to take a perfect picture, Retrica is equipped with auto-focus, self-timer and frame maker. The watermark with the application logo is added to the pictures by default. However, it can be changed or completely disabled. read more

Adobe Photoshop Express Review – Download

A simple application for editing our photos and graphics from Adobe. In addition to the toolbox, it also provides access to the account in the adobe revel service.


The first start-up greets us with a short program guide. The main window of the program is divided into three parts. The first was devoted to the adobe revel. This is our Adobe account in which we can keep works from various Adobe applications. Login can be done via a Google+ or Facebook account. read more

Adobe Lightroom Review – Download

Adobe Lightroom mobile is a mobile version of the popular Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. It is addressed to professional photographers who gain access to their photos both on the computer and on the phone.


Although the app is available for free, it requires an active Creative Cloud subscription. Its payment due to mobile applications is pointless, but if someone already uses this account, Adobe Lightroom mobile will become a useful complement to the package. If we do not have a subscription and we want to test the application, we will receive a free 30 days during the first registration. read more

A Color Story Review – download

A Color Story is an application that is used to edit photos. We will find in it both simple tools, as well as slightly more advanced filters and effects that will give your photos the desired character.

The application allows you to take a picture using the camera module or transfer a file from the device’s memory. In the first step, we will choose its size and format (eg 4: 3 or 16: 9), we can also rotate the photo, use the mirror effect, and then we can go to a bit more complex tasks. read more